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ac3_otaku's Journal

Ottawa's Anime Convention
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About AC3_Otaku

I'm your host kougarulz
This Community is dedicated to the anime convention
held every year in Ottawa, Canada.
This site is to help fellow Otaku's with ideas for
cosplay outfits, general posts and updates on costumes, and basic updates on AC3

Where AC3 is being held & When

Anime Convention in Canada's Capital
Ottawa, Ontario
NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007

Main Posting Rules

In order to have everything run smoothly, and not to have hell break loose. These rules will be setup. Failure to comply to these rules may result in a warning to edit the post, deleting the post, or in severe cases getting banned. Let's all hope this never happens.

Be kind to the members of this community,
lend a helping hand if need be, and be tolerant of others taste's

If you would like to advertise a link or banner here,
leave a coomment here

All big pictures over 300 pixels in width, must be put behind a lj-cut

Pictures, costume updates, anime con updates,
special events, questions on making outfits,
anything related to anime conventions

Chatting on off topic subjects and criticism.


  1.  the anime convention held in ottawa, isn't run by or directly associated with  AC Cubed or SOAP.

  2. selling any merchandise with the logo of AC Cubed name or logo,  is STRONGLY forbidded.

if #2 happens, you will be automatically banned from this community without warning.

if you would like to purchase some AC Cubed merchandise,
you can at the official AC Cubed webpage located
>>> here <<<


AC3 Official Site