"i have the mostist with the hostist" (kougarulz) wrote in ac3_otaku,
"i have the mostist with the hostist"

~ update ~

 well yesterday i sent the main AC3 board an email asking if this community is alright to be started . yes i know i should of asked earlier, but this was on a whim ^^". well good news, their all for it ^o^ there are just a few things i have to say (which will be added to the profile section) that i have to state to everyone that joins.

  1.  the anime convention held in ottawa, isn't run by or directly associated with  AC Cubed or SOAP.
  2. selling any merchandise with the logo of AC Cubed name or logo,  is STRONGLY forbidded.

if #2 happens, you will be automatically banned from this community without warning.

if you would like to purchase some AC Cubed merchandise, you can at the official AC Cubed webpage located >>> here <<<

Also on other good news, they said they will be watching this community as it grows, and possibly adding a bit of insight as the need arises. but thats possibly. but thats ok if they don't. just the thought that they mentioned this, was good enough with me.


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