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no ac3 2009!?

(copied from the webpage of ac3)
July 11, 2009

As of this day, SOAP is formally announcing the termination of the AC-Cubed convention. While it is unfortunate that we had to come to this decision, we simply could not secure the required resources to run the convention in the 2009 season.

Since there are several issues that could not be reconciled in the near future, we would have been required to compromise greatly on the quality and size of the convention should it have proceeded. There is little justification in doing so given that the community is still well served by other anime conventions and groups growing in the Ottawa region.

We would like to thank everyone who supported AC-Cubed over the years and we hope that you enjoyed what we had to offer. And while AC-Cubed has come to an end, SOAP isn't leaving anytime soon and we're already coming up with new ideas and plans for future events.

For a listing of SOAP events, please view our events schedule at http://soap.ottawa-anime.org/events/ ...


there is still ANOTHER ANIME CONVENTION going on this year. its not AC3, but a con is a con right !? :D

Convention Name: Naru2u
Date: Oct. 9th - 11th 2009
Location: Ottawa, Travelodge Carling Avenue
Price: $35 pre-reg. full weekend or $40 at door.

hope to see you there!!!
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