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"i have the mostist with the hostist"

2 more days!!!!

hey hello. my name is Kristy, i will be attending AC3 once again this year. and dressing up of course :D
i'm a plus size cosplayer, and i enjoy every minute of it.

i will be attending ac3 alone this year, but that doesn't mean i can't have fun. but just like last year, i will be taking photos like crazy. last year i took over 220 pictures, when i went to Anime North in toronto i took over 400 pictures. hopefully this year, i'll be able to take at least that much or even more then i did in toronto :)

i tend to walk around alot during the con, but the areas you'll probably see me in more are in the dealers room, artist alley, or in the yaoi room (if they have one this year) i'm a big yaoi nut XP

so don't be shy when you see me, and come on and approach me, no glomping though lol. most likely if your in costume i'll ask to take your photo, but i would actually like to meet people, from here, who read this, to actually approach me and ask :) here is what i'll be wearing during AC3;

i will be cosplaying as

my own personal dgreyman character
saber from fate/stay night
anbu from naruto

(i will be wearing black pants, and holding a stuffed tincampi)



i will be taking photos like crazy, so if you see me, come say hi :D and i'll take your photo :D

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