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HAMPTON INN ~ looking for a female to share a room with me

 Hello everyone, my name is Kristy. i'm a 27 year old (well gonna be 27 on nov. 6th ) female, from Arnprior. I'm looking for someone to share a room with me.

if you have any problems, or think that i'm being unreasonable with the price, or what i'm expecting from you, and what your gonna expect from me, then i suggest on not commenting on this thread stating so, for i won't change my mind. if you don't like it, then go somewhere else. (this is not to be taken rudely, i'm just stating as it is)

i reserved a 2 queen size bedroom. smoking for 2 people. (myself included)

i had a few people complain on the old form, saying that the price i had, if they wantted to stay for 2 nights was too much. so i thought about it. and decided to change the price factor. the only thing that WON'T change are the rules, which will apply to YOU and ME!.



the room is booked Nov 1st till Nov 5th. so you arrive the day before and you leave the day after.

its 320.00 dollars for nov 1st to the 5th. (changed due to new figures + discount if you choose to do it this way)

$90.00 per night for one person

you have to stay a minimum of 2days. people looking for a room for just one night, can look else where. i prefer to have someone to room with me for the whole time or at least for 2-3 days.

people offering to stay longer, will take priority.
for example. if jane offered me, that she'll room with me for 2 nights, but then donna says she'll room with me for 3. then obviously i'm going to go with donna, for i'm looking to reduce, the amount of money i owe for the room. its selfish i know. but thats life.

due to the fact that i will probably get alot of emails, i will take the time, to go through them, and contact the person, to get a better feel with them and what there like. there is still 6 weeks till the convention, so i will make a final decision, in mid October.


some people thought the expectations i wrote, which will apply for you and myself. we're a  little too much. but i think there quite resonable. heres what i'm expecting.

[+] why am i staying so long? because i like to relax and get things all ready the day before, instead of freaking out the day the con starts. and the reason that i'm not leaving on the 4th is due to the fact that i (we) will be kicked out of the room by 3pm, and i don't feel like draggin ALL my stuff around the con all day. hence why i'm leaving on the 5th

[+] if you decide to room with me, it will have to be cash up front when you arrive at the hotel. if you leave earlier then you attended to stay, there will be no refund.

[+] this room is not a party room. it is for relaxing in, and sleeping only. if you plan on having parties, i suggest looking for another roommate else where.

[+] i really prefer, not to have people in the room which aren't suppose to be there. the reason being for this. is because, if i come to the room, i might want to take a nap, or watch tv. and having a bunch of people in there, isn't comfortable. another reason for this, is because of my stuff. i don't want to take a chance of something going missing, IF something like that happens. so i prefer, if you have friends to meet up with, if you could kindly  meet them in the lobby, or in the lounge. i will also follow this rule as well. (this room is for relaxing and sleeping in only, no parties/hang out) brief stops to the room with a friend are allowed, for you sometimes cant' help it. but long period waits aren't allowed.

[+] i due tend to stay up way past hours, but i'm respectable enough to go too bed, early if your not a night owl. (considering that some stuff at the con ends at 12am, i might be out till then, to enjoy the festivities)

[+] i hate the heat, and love the cold. i hope this doesn't bother you, but if you don't mind the cold, then i don't mind going muke warm.

[+] IF your a minor (under the age of 18 ) i would like to have a phone conversation with your parents, agreeing that its alright with them, for you to stay with me. i also want a written letter from your parent/s on arrival at the hotel, stating that, i don't have any responsibilities for you, and that i'm not a babysitter, whos going to look after you. they will have to print and sign there names on this letter. if this isn't shown and given to me at the hotel, i will NOT allow you to stay with me. NO EXCEPTIONS the reason for this, is so if anything DOES happen, i am not held responsible for you. it saves my ass in the long run.

[+] you will have to provide your own snacks, drinks, and food, for the room. i will not supply this for you.

[+] drinking alcohal is NOT allowed  in the room, if you want to drink alcohal, then there is a bar, in the restaurant in the hotel. this is so i don't get minors sneeking in alcohal into the room, at least if you go to the bar, you are of age to drink. any alcohal thats found in the room, and i know that your a minor, will be disposed of. Sorry, the room is booked in my name, and i'm not getting into trouble with underage minors drinking.

[+] partying in the room with a whole bunch of people, is also NOT allowed, this is a room for relaxing in and sleeping. if you want to party, there is lounge and lobby, or take it outside. once again the room is booked in my name, and i'm NOT getting kicked out, cause of idiocity. the room is booked for the people rooming there, and thats all theres going to be in, that room.

[+] if anyone shows up at the door, or is in the room, relaxing which is not suppose to be there, they will be kicked out. i'm sorry, but once again, the room is in my name, and the room is only booked for the people rooming there. i'm not going to get kicked out of the hotel, for this reason. this will also apply to myself as well. make sure that if your meeting someone, that you pick a location thats not the room we're staying in.

[+] now i know some times, things go missing, so i'm saying this now. that we will be responsible for our own stuff. i'm not saying that things will go missing, but just in case it does. this is one reason, why i only want you or myself in the room, for if a bunch of people come into the room, and something goes missing, it causes all hell. its better to be safe then sorry.

[+] if your not staying till nov. 5th. but say your only staying till the nov. 4th. then you will have to be out of the room, with your stuff, and the key for the room, given to me. by approx. 3pm. this is the regular check out times for any hotel, and in doing so, this will also be involved with this scenerio as well. course, if your in the room before hand packing and you leave by like quater after, i'm not going to freak at you. i will be in the room on the day your leaving at 2:30pm till 3pm. if you don't show up to get your stuff, i will have the keys deactivated, and you will have to look for me, on the floor, to get back into the room.

[+] if drugs, are caught into play, or even hinted. you will be automatically kicked out of the room, with no money back.

[+] the room is a smoking room, so smoking is allowed :), i dont' smoke, but i dont' mind others smoking.

i know that some of the things stated above might sound extreme, or stupid. but its better in the long run. now i'm not a total snob, or bore. i love to joke around and goof off like anyone else. i love watching anime, cosplaying, and playing video games, but when your rooming with someone that you totally don't know, there has to be some rules. and expectations, from the other person.

if your interested in rooming with me, please emal me at

the basic info, would be nice :)

first name:
days interested in staying:
about yourself:

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