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"i have the mostist with the hostist"


well AC3 2006 is now over. I hope everyone had fun :) i know i did. man sorry about the last post. i was using the internet machine they had the hotel. 2 bucks for 10minutes! and there keyboard wasn't the same as normal ones. so i was getting messed up on where everything was, and trying to rush for you don't get alot of time.

well now i'm home ^^ and i have 200+ pictures to share with everyone. i'm uploading them too photobucket now. and i'm just going to make a link from here too my photobucket so it doesn't eat away at the livejournal bandwidth lol.

i tried not to get doubles of everyone. note i tried XP. i find there wasn't alot of cosplayers, maybe next year...

well i'm gonna go off but i'll post the link either before i go too work (if there done) or later tonight. till next time :)

je ne
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