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"i have the mostist with the hostist"

hee >

well tomorrow. or actually i should say today (nov. 17th) *gets all excited* i will be leaving my hometown to go too ottawa, travel lodge :)

hee i so can't wait ><. a few posts down. i showed some pictures of the boots i'm making for my saber outfit .... well i'm kinda having issues with it. but hopefully i'll have it fixed by the time i get too the hotel or that night. *crosses fingers*

i hope i run into a few people there from this com :) look me up if you see me. i'd be the crazy fan girl one taking lots of pictures lol. but don't worry i dont' bite ... much XD this is what i'll look like at AC3

saber from 'fate/stay night'

or an anbu from Naruto

i'll most likely be in my saber outfit :) i'm wearing that on saturday for sure :) depending on the reactions i get (good ones) and if any at all. will depend if i'll wear it again for sunday, or wear my anbu one. 

if your looking for me. the most likely places you'll see me are these 3. artist alley, dealers room or the yaoi panel. yes YAOI *does fangirl chibi cat mode* i almost died when i saw that in the schedule planner ^^. 

but besides those most likely places i'll be waundering around taking pictures. i'm a picture whore lol. which i'll be posting here for everyone to see, once i get them all uploaded to my comp once i get back. 

so once again. if ya see me, just come on up and say hi, :) i might get a picture of us together too post on LJ lol. .... >.> .....just make sure you state you know me from LJ lol or i might be like .........O.o ......... *runs away* ........ i'm really shy at first so if i don't talk much don't mind me :)

well i have to go and get ready too pack >< i hope to see you all there *waves*

oh my name is Kristy :)

since i registered early. i'm allowed to go too the specials on friday night starting at 7pm :) i'll probably drop by. but if i do. i'll be wearing an OMG hat from Gaia (gaiaonline.com) and a couple of other Gaia items too.
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