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hello once again :3

well AC3 is slowly coming around the corner. and my excitement build up is raising up ^o^

my costume has been on a hold for the moment. ^^" but i was just wondering how everyone else is doing? if there dressing up that is. or if they even started :)

i plan on doing a photoshot. once i find out or see (at the con) on what people are dressing up as. i was in a naruto photo shoot at AN2005

I dressed up as Sakura

besides sakura i also dressed up as kaede (from inuyasha) well supposed to be lol i forgot my grey hairspray, and eye patch lol oops. there was a guy dressed up as a moggle there :) he was sooooooooooooooooo kawaii. i just had to glomp him lol

Anime North was so much fun :) I would love to go again. but it was quite expensive. travel fee, hotel room, food, and then money to spend to buy stuff O.o but AC3 is still awesome :) i went in 2004 , the first one ottawa had. it was kinda small. and i think they didn't relize who many people would actually show up lol. i've seen a few people state that it was a waste of there money (admission) and get mad. but it didn't bother me at all. i thought it was great for a first time. and i had alot of fun :D

here are some pictures from AC3 2004. i have alot more in my photo album. but on my comp i only have a few. but these ones are my favorite :)

ac3 pictures

tim hortens anyone? lol i'm on the far left, in the red hakamas, and white kimono, holding a bow. i'm talking to my friends bf. this was taken at the St. Laurant mall. yep a bunch of anime con go'ers went in the mall. talk about strange looks lol. my friend donna (dressed as sango) got stopped by two girls which said 'you do know halloween is over right' my friend was like 'oh i know, i just like dressing up like this' lol i swear no one no a days. know how too let loose and just have fun. XP

eeeeeeeee >< i soooo luved it when they did this lol. the guy that was dressed as kakashii was OMG *fangirl squels* ><

lol i think this pick is the BEST ever lol

and this is me and my best friend donna :) her costume was sort of a rush job but it turned out really good :) *pats self on back*

hmmmm the one thing i'm hoping to see at AC3 is a yaoi panel *note i'm a girl* they had one at AN2005 and it was quite interesting. if not thats ok. but i hope they have some yaoi merchandise there :) well anyways. gotta go.
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