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no ac3 2009!? [August 19, 2009]

(copied from the webpage of ac3)
July 11, 2009

As of this day, SOAP is formally announcing the termination of the AC-Cubed convention. While it is unfortunate that we had to come to this decision, we simply could not secure the required resources to run the convention in the 2009 season.

Since there are several issues that could not be reconciled in the near future, we would have been required to compromise greatly on the quality and size of the convention should it have proceeded. There is little justification in doing so given that the community is still well served by other anime conventions and groups growing in the Ottawa region.

We would like to thank everyone who supported AC-Cubed over the years and we hope that you enjoyed what we had to offer. And while AC-Cubed has come to an end, SOAP isn't leaving anytime soon and we're already coming up with new ideas and plans for future events.

For a listing of SOAP events, please view our events schedule at http://soap.ottawa-anime.org/events/ ...


there is still ANOTHER ANIME CONVENTION going on this year. its not AC3, but a con is a con right !? :D

Convention Name: Naru2u
Date: Oct. 9th - 11th 2009
Location: Ottawa, Travelodge Carling Avenue
Price: $35 pre-reg. full weekend or $40 at door.

hope to see you there!!!

[May 20, 2009]


pictures coming soon [November 09, 2007]

i'm uploading pictures of this years con :) they should be up shortly :D

i hope everyone here had fun :D i know i did when i was on the floor, though i was kinda bored in my room, for i was by myself >.>", but i did go photo hunting, i didn't break my record like last year. but i took approx. 200+ photos :D 


Hiya! [November 07, 2007]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey! My name is Hana and I'm 21 years old.  I live in North Carolina right now, but at the end of January, I'm moving to Ottawa to live with my mom. I was looking for people that would have the same interests as me! I go to the anime convention down here in NC, and would love to attend AC3 next year! I would like to find other people to go with! XD I don't know anyone in Ottawa yet  =(  So, I'd love to make some friends that are into anime/videogames/jpop as well! I've only cosplayed a few times... Here are some of them!

(I'm the one making the peace sign)

(I'm Rinoa in this picture)

(phone shot XD)

Thanks for reading!!!


2 more days!!!! [October 31, 2007]


hey hello. my name is Kristy, i will be attending AC3 once again this year. and dressing up of course :D
i'm a plus size cosplayer, and i enjoy every minute of it.

i will be attending ac3 alone this year, but that doesn't mean i can't have fun. but just like last year, i will be taking photos like crazy. last year i took over 220 pictures, when i went to Anime North in toronto i took over 400 pictures. hopefully this year, i'll be able to take at least that much or even more then i did in toronto :)

i tend to walk around alot during the con, but the areas you'll probably see me in more are in the dealers room, artist alley, or in the yaoi room (if they have one this year) i'm a big yaoi nut XP

so don't be shy when you see me, and come on and approach me, no glomping though lol. most likely if your in costume i'll ask to take your photo, but i would actually like to meet people, from here, who read this, to actually approach me and ask :) here is what i'll be wearing during AC3;

i will be cosplaying as

my own personal dgreyman character
saber from fate/stay night
anbu from naruto

(i will be wearing black pants, and holding a stuffed tincampi)



i will be taking photos like crazy, so if you see me, come say hi :D and i'll take your photo :D


Possible Merchandise... [September 30, 2007]

[ mood | bouncy ]


My friend and I got a table at AA, and aside from selling the regular prints, buttons, and etc., I was also thinking of selling these cross-stitch keychains:

See Sample...Collapse )

What do you guys think? Would something like this be marketable? If it is, what would be a good price range? I plan to do a variety of chibi characters from popular series if possible...mostly from fanarts or original designs ^_^"

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


HAMPTON INN ~ looking for a female to share a room with me [September 26, 2007]


 Hello everyone, my name is Kristy. i'm a 27 year old (well gonna be 27 on nov. 6th ) female, from Arnprior. I'm looking for someone to share a room with me.

if you have any problems, or think that i'm being unreasonable with the price, or what i'm expecting from you, and what your gonna expect from me, then i suggest on not commenting on this thread stating so, for i won't change my mind. if you don't like it, then go somewhere else. (this is not to be taken rudely, i'm just stating as it is)

i reserved a 2 queen size bedroom. smoking for 2 people. (myself included)

i had a few people complain on the old form, saying that the price i had, if they wantted to stay for 2 nights was too much. so i thought about it. and decided to change the price factor. the only thing that WON'T change are the rules, which will apply to YOU and ME!.



the room is booked Nov 1st till Nov 5th. so you arrive the day before and you leave the day after.

its 320.00 dollars for nov 1st to the 5th. (changed due to new figures + discount if you choose to do it this way)

$90.00 per night for one person

you have to stay a minimum of 2days. people looking for a room for just one night, can look else where. i prefer to have someone to room with me for the whole time or at least for 2-3 days.

people offering to stay longer, will take priority.
for example. if jane offered me, that she'll room with me for 2 nights, but then donna says she'll room with me for 3. then obviously i'm going to go with donna, for i'm looking to reduce, the amount of money i owe for the room. its selfish i know. but thats life.

due to the fact that i will probably get alot of emails, i will take the time, to go through them, and contact the person, to get a better feel with them and what there like. there is still 6 weeks till the convention, so i will make a final decision, in mid October.


some people thought the expectations i wrote, which will apply for you and myself. we're a  little too much. but i think there quite resonable. heres what i'm expecting.

i know that some of the things stated above might sound extreme, or stupid. but its better in the long run. now i'm not a total snob, or bore. i love to joke around and goof off like anyone else. i love watching anime, cosplaying, and playing video games, but when your rooming with someone that you totally don't know, there has to be some rules. and expectations, from the other person.

if your interested in rooming with me, please emal me at

the basic info, would be nice :)

first name:
days interested in staying:
about yourself:

update ~ link section [September 24, 2007]


AC3_Otaku now has a facebook link added to the side. which links to an event i made on face book called 'AC3 ~ ottawas anime convention' there you can upload photos for everyone to see, and friend people, so you can easily keep in contact with them.

AC3 ~ Ottawas anime convention > Facebook

hope to see you there :D


[August 30, 2007]

[ mood | excited ]

Umm, hi! I just moved to the Ottawa region and I've been wanting to go to this Con for a while, so two things

1) What should I expect from this con?! Tell me the good and the bad please!

2) If you're cosplaying - what are you doing?! I'd love to know what to look out for!

Personally, I'm currently on the fence, because for once I don't have a group, I decided to do Kuukaku Shiba from Bleach, Mousse from Ranma 1/2 (Always wanted to - why not!) and I've been thinking Tomb Robber Bakura (YGO - heck, why not!) so, here' s to hoping to meet some awesome people!


yes its me again XP [July 22, 2007]

well i don't know about anyone here. but i've already started for the ac3 con. in november :) 
i already booked my room at the hotel, and got the discount :D my friends say i'm crazy. but i figure. eh better be safe then sorry :) plus i can always cancel if i have to . 

i also got some of my costume ready. i'm going to be wearing my saber outfit, and my anbu outfit which i wore last year.

but my new outfit, is going to be a d.grey man  outfit :)

i still have to make some boot covers, and buy some black pants. but besides that, its all done.

I bought myself some sculpty, so i'm going to create the yellow golem allen carries with him. hopefully it'll work *crosses fingers* I'm also thinking of going into the artist alley :) i just have to get off my lazy ass and start working on what i want to do :)

AC3 2006 Pictures [November 21, 2006]


well all the pictures are up on photobucket. i hope everyone enjoys them :), i also posted the link in the side bar section.

AC3 2006 pictures > taken by Kristy (aka kougarulz/bunnymaxwell)


*pouts* [November 21, 2006]

well AC3 2006 is now over. I hope everyone had fun :) i know i did. man sorry about the last post. i was using the internet machine they had the hotel. 2 bucks for 10minutes! and there keyboard wasn't the same as normal ones. so i was getting messed up on where everything was, and trying to rush for you don't get alot of time.

well now i'm home ^^ and i have 200+ pictures to share with everyone. i'm uploading them too photobucket now. and i'm just going to make a link from here too my photobucket so it doesn't eat away at the livejournal bandwidth lol.

i tried not to get doubles of everyone. note i tried XP. i find there wasn't alot of cosplayers, maybe next year...

well i'm gonna go off but i'll post the link either before i go too work (if there done) or later tonight. till next time :)

je ne


[November 19, 2006]

well i'm still at the con. using the stupid internet thing at tge hotel. so sorry for the spelling mistkes.. i have over 200 pictures to post once i get back.buti hope to see new people join this commuity once this con is over. i can't wait to post them, they turned out so well. well gotta go. so till next time


hee > [November 17, 2006]

well tomorrow. or actually i should say today (nov. 17th) *gets all excited* i will be leaving my hometown to go too ottawa, travel lodge :)

hee i so can't wait ><. a few posts down. i showed some pictures of the boots i'm making for my saber outfit .... well i'm kinda having issues with it. but hopefully i'll have it fixed by the time i get too the hotel or that night. *crosses fingers*

i hope i run into a few people there from this com :) look me up if you see me. i'd be the crazy fan girl one taking lots of pictures lol. but don't worry i dont' bite ... much XD this is what i'll look like at AC3

saber from 'fate/stay night'

or an anbu from Naruto

i'll most likely be in my saber outfit :) i'm wearing that on saturday for sure :) depending on the reactions i get (good ones) and if any at all. will depend if i'll wear it again for sunday, or wear my anbu one. 

if your looking for me. the most likely places you'll see me are these 3. artist alley, dealers room or the yaoi panel. yes YAOI *does fangirl chibi cat mode* i almost died when i saw that in the schedule planner ^^. 

but besides those most likely places i'll be waundering around taking pictures. i'm a picture whore lol. which i'll be posting here for everyone to see, once i get them all uploaded to my comp once i get back. 

so once again. if ya see me, just come on up and say hi, :) i might get a picture of us together too post on LJ lol. .... >.> .....just make sure you state you know me from LJ lol or i might be like .........O.o ......... *runs away* ........ i'm really shy at first so if i don't talk much don't mind me :)

well i have to go and get ready too pack >< i hope to see you all there *waves*

oh my name is Kristy :)

since i registered early. i'm allowed to go too the specials on friday night starting at 7pm :) i'll probably drop by. but if i do. i'll be wearing an OMG hat from Gaia (gaiaonline.com) and a couple of other Gaia items too.

[November 15, 2006]

[ mood | excited ]


I've never been to AC3 before. I never even knew it existed, until just recently. Shame on me!

I can't wait to go- though, I was wondering...

Is anyone going as a Beyblade character? I know Beyblade is ''un-cool'' or ''old-school'' now, but I went as Bryan/Boris to AN06 and Saturday I'll be going as him again. So, if you plan on being there as a Beyblade or Bakuten Shoot! Character- I'd really like to see you ^^;;

I'm better known as...


If you recognize the name, and are interested in meeting me- just come poke me. I'll be wearing a sign XD

And...is anyone going as Bleach Characters?


AC Cubed Updates / Nouvelles [October 29, 2006]

A few new updates before we head into November:

Pre-registration is now closed (has been for almost a month), and we thank all of those who pre-registered. To show our gratitude, Friday November 17, 2006 will be host to a few events limited to pre-registrants only. More information can be found on the Location page.

Anime Conventions cannont run without the help of volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering and its benefits, check out the Volunteer page.

The Other Events page has a few updates: Concerts, Manga Library, and Tea Ceremony.


Quelques nouvelles:

Les pré-inscriptions sont terminés et nous remercions tous ceux qui ont pré-inscrit. En remerciment, il y aura des événements seulement pour les pré-inscrits le vendredi, 17 novembre, 2006. Plus de détails se retrouvent ici.

Les festivals d'animé ont besoin de bénévoles pour bien fonctionner. Si vous êtes intéressés d'être un bénévole, et les récompenses pour être bénévole, voir la page suivante.

La page « Autres activitées » a eu un mis a jour : Concerts, Mangathèque, et la cérémonie de thé japonaise.

hello once again :3 [September 17, 2006]

well AC3 is slowly coming around the corner. and my excitement build up is raising up ^o^

my costume has been on a hold for the moment. ^^" but i was just wondering how everyone else is doing? if there dressing up that is. or if they even started :)

i plan on doing a photoshot. once i find out or see (at the con) on what people are dressing up as. i was in a naruto photo shoot at AN2005

besides sakura i also dressed up as kaede (from inuyasha) well supposed to be lol i forgot my grey hairspray, and eye patch lol oops. there was a guy dressed up as a moggle there :) he was sooooooooooooooooo kawaii. i just had to glomp him lol

Anime North was so much fun :) I would love to go again. but it was quite expensive. travel fee, hotel room, food, and then money to spend to buy stuff O.o but AC3 is still awesome :) i went in 2004 , the first one ottawa had. it was kinda small. and i think they didn't relize who many people would actually show up lol. i've seen a few people state that it was a waste of there money (admission) and get mad. but it didn't bother me at all. i thought it was great for a first time. and i had alot of fun :D

here are some pictures from AC3 2004. i have alot more in my photo album. but on my comp i only have a few. but these ones are my favorite :)

hmmmm the one thing i'm hoping to see at AC3 is a yaoi panel *note i'm a girl* they had one at AN2005 and it was quite interesting. if not thats ok. but i hope they have some yaoi merchandise there :) well anyways. gotta go.


AC Cubed Announces! / Annonces AC Cubed! [September 17, 2006]

September Edition of AC³ Announces!Collapse )


L’édition du mois de septembre des annonces AC³.Collapse )

(Posted by Sha, AC Cubed 2006 Webperson, Artist Alley Director, Cosplay Co-Director, and other stuff)

another cosplay idea [September 01, 2006]

heres me in another costume i am deciding to wear to AC3, but seeing how well my saber outfit is going. i might not ..... but if i don't my roomate will be wearing this ^^

anime: Naruto
character: Anbu 

i know the jacket is kinda big ... ok its alot big. i had a friend make it for me, and .... it .... didn't turn out like i suspected. the jacket looks more from star wars then an anbu coat ...... oh well ^^" at least the mask is kewl ^o^

~ update ~ [September 01, 2006]


 well yesterday i sent the main AC3 board an email asking if this community is alright to be started . yes i know i should of asked earlier, but this was on a whim ^^". well good news, their all for it ^o^ there are just a few things i have to say (which will be added to the profile section) that i have to state to everyone that joins.

  1.  the anime convention held in ottawa, isn't run by or directly associated with  AC Cubed or SOAP.
  2. selling any merchandise with the logo of AC Cubed name or logo,  is STRONGLY forbidded.

if #2 happens, you will be automatically banned from this community without warning.

if you would like to purchase some AC Cubed merchandise, you can at the official AC Cubed webpage located >>> here <<<

Also on other good news, they said they will be watching this community as it grows, and possibly adding a bit of insight as the need arises. but thats possibly. but thats ok if they don't. just the thought that they mentioned this, was good enough with me.


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